Simple Guidelines on Sorting Scrap Metal for Recycling

10 August 2015
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The process of recycling scrap metal is highly beneficial for the environment. This practice contributes to significant resource savings because less energy is required in recycling when compared to processing virgin ores. This also minimises mining wastes, reduces air and water pollution and decreases the rate of raw material depletion. In addition, you can make some money by selling valuable metal pieces to scrap yards. If you are thinking about presenting your residential or commercial scrap metal to recyclers, you should learn how to sort different types of metal. Read More 

4 Common Questions People Ask Scrap Metal Buyers

30 March 2015
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When you are about to enter the scrap metal business in order to make some extra money, then you will need to fortify your knowledge to maximise your profit margin. So to help you achieve your goals, here are some of the most common questions that scrap metal buyers are asked by prospective scrap collectors. 1. What Is a Weighbridge? A weighbridge is one of the main ways in which a scrap metal buyer determines the accurate weight of your scrap metal. Read More 

Understanding the Step-by-step Process of Scrap Metal Recycling

18 March 2015
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Selling your scrap metal to a scrap metal recycler (such as Raw Metal Corp) is more than just a means of making some extra cash; it is also your way of contributing towards eco-friendly management of waste material. However, you might not know the processes that your scrap metal is taken through before it is transformed into raw material for used for making new metal products such as auto body parts, cooking pans, railway tracks, and insulated roof panels. Read More