The Industrial Items You Didn’t Realise Could Be Recycled

31 January 2020
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Industrial scrap recycling has long been a way that savvy construction businesses could make a few bucks while getting rid of leftover metal supplies. However, what you might not realise is that many industrial scrap recycling contractors can now take a whole host of items other than just the traditional extra materials you might have lying around. This can be a goldmine for you if you have broken or old construction tools and don't know what to do with them. Read More 

Pros of Recycled Plastic Pallets Over Timber

25 January 2017
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If you are in the market for pallets, you will find an array of materials to make a selection from. The most commonly used material in the pallets industry has been timber this is largely because of its affordability as well as availability. However, because technological advancements in the form of plastic injection moulding and other techniques, plastic can now be recycled to create pallets too. There are a number of reasons why you should consider plastic pallets over conventional timber pallets. Read More 

Tips to Follow When Recycling Scrap Metal

16 August 2016
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If you have scrap metal, such as from old copper pipes or automobile parts, you have the option of recycling that metal. This can not only provide you with some extra cash, but it is very helpful to the environment. Here are some tips to follow when recycling scrap metal. Take Time to Prep the Scrap Metal There are many recycling centers that have strict rules about the types of metal you bring into their recycling center and what form the materials need to be in. Read More 

The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Dealing in Scrap Metal

22 January 2016
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Recycling scrap metal is a good way to protect the environment, as it can be very disturbing to the ground to extract virgin materials. Dealing in scrap metal may also mean earning money from a local scrap yard, but you might note a few commonly asked questions about the process first. Be sure you cover these with any scrap yard before you decide to visit them with a truck full of scrap so there are no surprises once you arrive. Read More 

Simple Guidelines on Sorting Scrap Metal for Recycling

10 August 2015
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The process of recycling scrap metal is highly beneficial for the environment. This practice contributes to significant resource savings because less energy is required in recycling when compared to processing virgin ores. This also minimises mining wastes, reduces air and water pollution and decreases the rate of raw material depletion. In addition, you can make some money by selling valuable metal pieces to scrap yards. If you are thinking about presenting your residential or commercial scrap metal to recyclers, you should learn how to sort different types of metal. Read More