The Industrial Items You Didn't Realise Could Be Recycled

31 January 2020
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Industrial scrap recycling has long been a way that savvy construction businesses could make a few bucks while getting rid of leftover metal supplies. However, what you might not realise is that many industrial scrap recycling contractors can now take a whole host of items other than just the traditional extra materials you might have lying around. This can be a goldmine for you if you have broken or old construction tools and don't know what to do with them. Here are a few things you can make some money off through industrial scrap recycling.


It makes sense, but until you mention it, many people don't even think about recycling their forklifts. After all, most forklifts are made out of almost entirely metal parts that are quite valuable when stripped down. If you have old or damaged forklifts that you cannot be bothered fixing up, then you will seriously struggle to sell them on the secondary market. Instead, why not help the environment, make some cash and have an industrial scrap recycling contractor come and pick your useless forklifts up? 


Many construction sites have hundreds of kilograms of metal just lying around once the scaffolding is taken down. Of course, lots of this scaffolding can be re-used in future projects, but there are always at least a few sections that have been bent out of shape or damaged in some other way. In those cases, it can be simpler to just call up the closest industrial scrap recycling contractor and get them to come and take it away. This can help fund replacement scaffolding and reduce your overall expenditure. Always try and bundle lots of your scrap metal together so that you can get rid of it all at one time (preferably once the build is totally finished) so that fewer trips have to be made.

Fridges And Freezers

Many white goods have an abundance of riches hiding in them, as they often are made almost entirely of quality metals that can be recycled. Many sites that have to be renovated or demolished have fridges and freezers just sitting around, waiting to be disposed of. In those cases, always double-check if you can recycle them rather than simply tossing them. Whenever you are contracted to do renovations or demolitions, be on the lookout for white goods and other common household items that have recyclable metal in them, such as window frames, metal roofing, roller blinds and more.