Tips to Follow When Recycling Scrap Metal

16 August 2016
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If you have scrap metal, such as from old copper pipes or automobile parts, you have the option of recycling that metal. This can not only provide you with some extra cash, but it is very helpful to the environment. Here are some tips to follow when recycling scrap metal.

Take Time to Prep the Scrap Metal

There are many recycling centers that have strict rules about the types of metal you bring into their recycling center and what form the materials need to be in. Some of them will require all different metal components are taken apart, such as pulling insulation out of copper wiring, and separating two parts that are still connected together. It is worth calling the recycling center beforehand to find out exactly what rules they have in regards to preparing the scrap metal for recycling.

Consider Different Places to Find the Metal

There are actually many different places you can find scrap metal in order to recycle it. First check around your house for metal items you no longer have a use for. You might have old grills for a barbecue that is trashed, or small kitchen appliances with metal components that you need to dispose of. Old car batteries can sometimes be taken to scrap metal places, in addition to things like shower accessories, plumbing pipes, and taps all made of metal or steel. Vehicles are common places to find scrap metal, including in the body, under the hood, and sometimes in the electronic components inside the vehicle.

Get the Most Profit Possible

If you are not only recycling scrap metal because of the environment but to make some emergency cash, then getting the most profit is going to make a difference to you. To start with, call different recycling centers to ask how much they will offer for different types of metal. They likely have certain types of scrap metal that is higher in demand, such as copper pipes or items made of solid steel. You may also find that one recycling center will take all your old appliances, but others want the vehicle-related metal. This might mean bringing different items to different recycling centers.

Be Safe When Collecting Metal

If you don't already have the metal on hand and are actually collecting it, you need to be careful doing so. Looking for salvaged metal in your home can sometimes be a dangerous process depending on where it is located.