4 Common Questions People Ask Scrap Metal Buyers

30 March 2015
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When you are about to enter the scrap metal business in order to make some extra money, then you will need to fortify your knowledge to maximise your profit margin. So to help you achieve your goals, here are some of the most common questions that scrap metal buyers are asked by prospective scrap collectors.

1. What Is a Weighbridge?

A weighbridge is one of the main ways in which a scrap metal buyer determines the accurate weight of your scrap metal. Weighbridges are calibrated through the use of a computer for the best accuracy, and they are commonly used when you are bringing a heavy load of scrap metal. Each type of metal you bring is weighed individually, and the weight in kilos is pegged against the current price for the metal.

Keep in mind that scrap metal prices, like the prices of stock, can change on a daily or weekly basis, so the price your friend got one day, may not be valid on the day you sell your scrap metal.

2. What Is Non-Ferrous Scrap Metal?

When a buyer talks about non-ferrous scrap metal, he is referring to any scrap metal that has no iron. Examples of these types of scrap metal include, copper, lead, nickel, tin, brass and aluminum.

Many scrap metal buyers prefer non-ferrous metal, because it is much easier to recycle, as it doesn't contain iron, which is a hard metal that is difficult to break down. In addition, non-ferrous metal is far less prone to rust or corrode, so buyers know they can buy this kind of scrap metal without worrying about a great deal of wear and tear.

3. Can I Sell My Old Car for Scrap Metal? 

Yes, and this is one of the most overlooked ways to make money. Old vehicles are full of non-ferrous metal, especially copper and aluminum. Copper wiring from electrical components in your vehicle such as the radiator, battery, starter and alternator, can be sold for scrap, as can aluminum parts such as rims, bumpers, quarter panels and internal pistons.

4. Where Can I Go To Find Reputable Buyers?

One of the best resources you can use to find scrap metal buyers is the Australian Metal Recycling Industry Association website. This site offers you a listing of scrap metal buyers in South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, Western Australia, New South Wales, Northern Territory and Australian Capital Territory. You will find a wide range of buyers like West Coast Metals on this site, including commercial scrap buyers who only deal with volume sellers.